Friday, March 27, 2009

Foundation server now supports R8.5 Domino... and I support my Telco

Now that LFS 1.1 has been released I can upgrade my Domino R8.01 server add-on to R8.5 to match the R8.5 Admin and Design clients that I've been using for the last six months or so. Since Domino is not core Foundations OS code the files need to be downloaded as a separate exercise just like the "Run" add-on module I mentioned in my last post.
  • The Run module is and comes in at 116mb
  • The R8.5 Domino server is and weighs 673 mb.
So that's almost 800mb of download I need by sunset.

Just another day spent making my Telco richer.


Gavin Bollard said...

Given that Foundations is supposed to be Self-Healing etc, isn't there some way that it can self-upgrade?

Wouldn't it be nice if you could click an "Update" button which downloads all the files and checks them, then runs at your convenience - forcing a backup first, of course.

Ideally, you want to be able to turn your Foundations server over to corporate morons** rather than having a clever but expensive IT Team onboard to run it.

** by Corporate Morons I mean someone who isn't particularly IT Literate but generates genuine business value as a non-it person. A Finance person, CEO, Marketing/Salesperson etc... (not necessarily a moron).

Graham Dodge said...

Foundations does have an auto-update feature for the core OS and that does allow a 'self-upgrade' (subject to you pushing the button - none of that MSServer auto-upgrade-whether-you-want-it-or-not stuff here).

Domino and VMWare are add-ons that run on top of the Foundations OS and are therefore optional. I can't imagine a world without running the most recent version of Domino server but apparently some people can. They can update their Domino server when (and if) they want to.

I guess I could have just ordered the Media pack from the local distributor, but I'm too impatient for that.

Christian Tillmanns said...

Amazing that there are whole continents out there who don't know the flat rate for internet.
Would it be really cheaper to buy the media pack for 30$ then downloading the stuff?
What about VMWare?
And the language pack for OZ?

Graham Dodge said...

Australia's telcos are about twenty years behind the rest of the world. I have a 10gb monthly plan but now and again I blow past that - I think this is one of those months. It might have been cheaper to buy the media pack but, like I said, I'm impatient to start playing with this stuff. It's Friday night here and a weekend of self-education beckons.

The language pack for OZ is under development by a couple of bonza sheila's down the frog and toad.

Greg Charland said...

IBM is being smart by NOT unleashing this on the corporate morons like SBS, but keeping it in the business partners' hands. SBS 2003 was the "Frontpage of Servers," making it very easy to do a very BAD job setting it up. The benefit is in cutting the time it takes US to care & feed for their server.

I have some high-volume tax accountant clients. This time of year they all freeze ANY changes aside from tax software updates, high-priority security patches and virus updates.

I like the idea of doing major changes like this according to plan rather than when the vendor says it's time to auto-update. (MS seems to push huge .NET patches at the most inopportune times!)

1.03c to 1.03d? Sure, do it on the fly at night and roll it back if things go wrong. 1.0 to 1.1? Not without my go-ahead!