Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lotus Foundations in the Australian Press again.

ZDNet Australia has published a review of Lotus Foundations Server performed by Enex TestLab.

Foundations should not be considered just for the IT challenged. Foundations is a great solution for a wide range of businesses because it takes away the need for an on-site IT guru; not every business is an IT firm. This software is about minimising management overheads so staff can get on with core business activities.
Its pricing is also a pleasant surprise: the server software licence is only AU$368.91, this includes an operating system and a full suite of security and management programs; and client licences are AU$240.03 per user. The low server licence fee makes this system particularly attractive for use in small deployments with only a dozen or two dozen clients where the price of server overheads make a real difference per user.

The only thing I would have changed in their review would be to add a paragraph at the bottom telling everyone how to contact me when they want to place an order :)

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Gavin Bollard said...

That's what the comments section underneath their review is for.