Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Before you migrate to Microsoft's SBS 2008 ...

... you might want to consider these issues:

"EVERYTHING starts on the C: drive. You can move it later but it starts on C: so have a big C: drive."

"Also have LOTS of RAM. 4 GB is the minimum. The more the better. Obviously a good fast CPU(s) is (are) best."

"Seems the Microsoft migration takes quite a long time because it has to do a MOVE on each Exchange mailbox from SBS 2003 to 2008."

"It also changes the original SBS 2003 box so there is no roll back in case there is a 'problem'."

"The SBS MVPs attended a week long deep dive training on SBS 2008 just before the conference and the consensus was allow 4 days for the migration."

Of course, the cost of the migration is in addition to the cost of the new hardware and SBS Server Licences and Client Access Licences so even an entry level system for SBS 2008 is starting to look like a $20,000 investment.

So tell me again, why would you want to do this?


Cris Hanna said...

There isn't a product upgrade out there that doesn't have a cost to it. The cost of the software and the cost of the migration (time/personnel, etc).

SBS is a product that has steadily evolved over the last 11-12 years since first released. For some there are many features that make this upgrade worthwhile. For others it may not. But that's on a business case by business case scenario. You don't seem to have any first hand knowledge, all you can do is quote from others. When you've used the product for a while and then can make the same comments, then maybe there will be some value to your comments.

Graham Dodge said...

Hey cris,
Did I touch a sore spot there or something?

SBS may have evolved over 11-12 years but so has Nitix/Lotus Foundations. Since I'm quoting comments in context from a SBS blogger then my observations are valid i.e. some SBS bloggers believe there is a high Time and Money investment required to implement and support a migration from SBS 2003 to SBS 2008.

Do you believe that all Microsoft products are automatically superior to all other software or are there some facts behind your post? If you have no Feature/Benefit/Cost comparisons to provide then your post is fairly pointless.

Why do you see SBS 2008 as a better upgrade path for SBS 2003 users than Lotus Foundations?

Show me the money Cris.

(waiting... waiting...)

emoetria said...
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