Friday, October 10, 2008

Certification for Foundations

If Microsoft can get their certification exams ready prior to product launch for SBS/EBS then why can't IBM/Lotus do it for Foundations?

And don't tell me this sucker is so simple that it doesn't need Certification. I've Seen The Elephant for this stuff and there's a lot happening under the hood. And BTW, where's that improved product documentation you were supposed to be writing? Can we have an ETA for that?

grumble... grumble...


Bob Baehr said...


I'll second the need for Certification on Lotus Foundations!

I'd be the first in line to take that exam(s), too!

Bob Baehr
The Unofficial Poster Child for Lotus Notes, Domino, and Lotus Foundations

IdoNotes said...

I know a Foundations one isnt first up right now, and also remmeber that Foundations was an existing product that was purchased and sucked in quick. But I wouldnt be surprised to see one after some of the others are out.