Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Secondhand Lotussphere news about Lotus Foundations

I'd like to be at Lotussphere but I'm not. So be it. What I can do is to scan the other blogs and consolidate the news I read about Foundations. So far I've found two gems:
  1. Release 8.5 coming for Foundations. Time do dive a bit deeper into XPages.
  2. The ability to plug-in a new Foundations server into an existing Domino infrastructure which raises the question of whether existing Notes client licenses are going to be automatically upgraded to Foundations licenses. Up till now the answer has been "No" but management of a combined native Domino server + Foundations server infrastructure while trying to maintain a segregated license model sounds like quite a challenge. I need to do some research on this one.
PS I appreciate PlanetLotus readers will already have read this news on other blogs. This post is for those loyal "Foundation and Empire" readers who don't have time to keep up with PlanetLotus.

EDIT: And if you believe everything you read on Twitter then Foundations 'Branch Office' will be released tomorrow.

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