Sunday, September 27, 2009

I will prostitute myself for one day only...

I don't twitter and I don't tweet and I draw strength from a recent study I read (no - I don't have the URL - my bad) that showed 40% of tweets are meaningless drivel a la

# Yawn. Late night playing Warcraft.

# I h@te Microsoft

# I've just had this wonderful bowel movement - let me tell you about it.

However for one day I'm willing to sacrifice the purity of my well-known technology-neutral persona and hop aboard the social bandwagon in order to publicly state:


Rock on Lotus!

OK! OK! Technology neutral I am not, but I still see no redeeming virtues in either Facebook or Twitter from a corporate perspective.


Gavin Bollard said...

I don't actually see much reason for twitter except as a means of centrally updating your status from everywhere - I have one status and it updates everything, facebook, myspace, blogger... the lot.

Facebook, I'm rather enjoying. I've made a lot of friends amongst the like-minded community and I can see the business potential (though it's certainly overshadowed by the personal/social potential).

I see absolutely nothing in "Lotus Knows".


I'm proud of Bob Picciano's actions last week. That did a lot more for Lotus than the entire Lotus Knows campaign seems to have done so far.

Graham Dodge said...

My impression is that 'Lotus Knows' is the central hub around which individual marketing efforts will revolve. It's main purpose is to get the Lotus name back into everyday IT conversation rather than to specifically persuade you to rip out Exchange and install Domino.

Simon O'Doherty said...

I find it is a great way to combat little memes and basically help people.

It is interesting to watch certain keywords/phrases during certain times (like Lotus notes during working hours ;) ).