Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lotus Knows... that Australia is asleep at 1:30am

Listening in on the "Lotus Knows" awareness campaign discussion with Kristen Lauria, Sandy Carter and Shaun Jones sounded like a great idea until I realized that 11:30 AM on Monday Eastern Time (US & Canada) is equivalent to 1:30 AM on Tuesday Australian Eastern Standard Time.

Hey, I'm keen on knowing about Lotus, but not quite THAT keen.

However Deborah Cole (Lotus Channel Marketing and Communications and winner of Miss Congeniality 2009) advised me that the call will be replayed at a more sensible hour in the not too distant future. So if you were planning to listen in to the call but were put off by the inconvenient Time Zone, then all is not lost. Register here and wait for the replay.


Terry Boyd said...

C'mon Graham... surely you're up working with the rest of us at that time? You're getting soft mate!

Graham Dodge said...

If the presentation was in October then I'm sure I'd be awake changing the nappies on Number One Daughter (now due on 19th October).