Thursday, October 22, 2009

An IBM Call Center goof...

I've been working through a Lotus Foundations technical support issue with IBM over the last couple of weeks and my call has been bounced between call centers in Australia, India and Canada during that time. The Indian call center asked me to send them a server snapshot to assist them in understanding the problem and they also asked for remote access to my server. I don't have a problem with either of those requests and dutifully sent off the information. The Indian Call Center blew their credibility when they reviewed my server configuration and emailed me:
"I got following IP address eth0 and eth1 from snapshot. However unable to access LFS from both IP address. Please confirm correct IP address to access server remotely. "
I believe that people from India can be as smart and professional and technically adept as anyone else, but when a technician tries to remotely access a customer's systems using then I think some basic network training is urgently needed.

BTW The Australian IBM Call Center was polite, professional and knew their stuff. They even assisted by sending me a CD by overnight courier when I admitted I'd already blown my 10gb internet cap for the month and couldn't download a required system update. My thanks to Graham Gill and Daniel Lui on the Team.

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Roy Rumaner said...

I had the same great experience with the groups in Boston and Toronto. They are all very professional and are a pleasure to work with.