Tuesday, October 6, 2009

OT: Australia - even at second best is still a great place

News like this makes me sit back and think how lucky I am:

AUSTRALIA has the second best quality of life in the world and could pip Norway for top spot next year, the author of a UN report on migration and development says.

Australia was ranked second among 182 countries on a scale measuring life expectancy, school enrolments and income in the United Nations Development Program's Human Development Report 2009, published yesterday.

The US slipped a spot to 13 and Britain was steady at 21, based on the latest internationally comparable data from 2007. Niger ranked lowest, followed by Afghanistan and Sierra Leone.


Ian Randall said...

I have only visited Bergen in Norway so I can't comment on the rest of the country, but I found that Norway was an incredibly expensive place to visit.

It was explained to me during my visit that the explosive growth of Oil & Gas in Norway over the last decade had pushed local wages and the cost of living sky high.

As income was a factor in this study, then it's no wonder that Norway was ranked so highly.

Andrew Brew said...

An acquaitance recently spent several months living in Norway, and declared that she had to travel to Denmark to have any fun. A mutual Swedish friend commented that it just goes to show how dismal Norway is, if Denmark counts as fun.

The acquaintance is now living in Prague, and having a great time.