Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring cleaning the software library

Today I threw away my last stack of floppies... you know... those small plastic things that would fit inside your shirt pocket and carry less than one hundredth of one percent of the data that you can fit on a 2gb USB. I discovered these refugees from the 20th Century hiding in the back of a desk drawer and had little hesitation in consigning them to the dustbin. The only problem was finding a device to read them first to ensure that I wasn't throwing away something essential (like the certifier password to my Notes infrastructure). Fortunately I still have an old laptop with a floppy drive and ten minutes of disk shuffling showed that the disks were disposable.

The next step is going through my CD collection and tossing out all of my Notes 4.x and 5.x CDs along with the R5.x Redbooks etc. I'd be impressed with my spring-cleaning efforts except that I live in Sydney and it's certainly not Spring in Australia. Maybe I need a six month sabbatical in the USA to get my body clock back into sync.

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