Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Foundations: Revisiting a Previous Post

DISCLAIMER: I've never met Bob Baehr nor do I have shares in his company. The only financial relationship we have is a promise to buy each other a beer if I ever get back to Lotussphere (but with a 4 yo son and a daughter due in November that dream is still a few years away)

I blogged about Bob Baehr's Advanced Web Configuration for Foundations! in a previous post but I need to talk about it again. At the risk of stating the obvious, I do a lot of thinking about Lotus Foundations Server and I really think that Bob's product has permanently changed the playing field for that product. I think it's great that Lotus includes Apache Web Server in the Foundations product but I have no desire to learn that product. There's only so many hours in the day for soaking up new technologies and Apache Web Server is way down on my list somewhere between learning ADA and conquering the Zune API.

So although I had previously accepted that I would never fully exploit the Apache web interface of Foundations I now find myself using Domino Designer to quickly and easily code multiple web sites for my Foundations server. If you use Lotus Foundations Server then go visit Bob's web site and have a look at what he has done with making Foundations support Notes databases as web sites.

Here's a second round of applause for a great product.


Jim S said...

We at Solinkit will second this..
We installed the tool and had a small issue (not with the tool w/LF per LF version).

Quick and Easy.. Install a snap.. Needs an unistall tool, we look forward to see what happens and how the software reacts to the Lotus foundations Start OS release (update).

Very much worth the buy..

Bob Baehr said...

Jim and Graham:

I appreciate the kind comments. The product is receiving some great feedback for opening up new markets, and more opportunities for SMB, using the Domino web application space on Foundations.

Robert Baehr
The Unofficial Poster Child for Lotus Foundations, Lotus Notes, and Domino