Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Microsoft Ministry of Truth

When Albert Einstein was confronted by a publication entitled "100 Scientists against Einstein" he replied quite succinctly, "If I had been wrong one scientist would have been enough."

When I am confronted with adjective-laden articles written in the style of Julia White's publication I think to myself, "If she was right, then the facts alone would have been enough"
"... costs and antiquated architecture of Lotus Notes and Domino."
"... complicated, proprietary Notes applications."
Puh-lease!!! Someone find me a bucket to laugh into. Alright, it's from last September and this type of marketing is nothing new from Microsoft but I had to comment on the sheer chutzpah of this comment:

"IBM may even respond with a press release announcing ‘new’ customers, who are, in most cases, simply deciding to keep Notes a bit longer."

I suppose I shouldn't laugh. After all, marketing your product by making kindergarten-logic unsupported statements like this is what got Hitler elected and it's all the rage in Iran where the current dictatorship is currently having a great time demonizing ( + imprisoning + torturing + killing) their opposition.

How can you reason with these people?


Woonjas said...
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Woonjas said...

Unfortunately there are tons of decision makers out there that blindly believe this sort of thing.
Partly because of the virtually non existent marketing efforts from IBM.

Promoting your products to existing customers isn't that hard, but outside of that yellow bubble, most people think that Lotus Notes/Domino is a thing of the past, if they even know of it's existence that is.

I hope the new Lotus Knows initiative is going to help push awareness of Lotus Notes/Domino as a viable platform.