Monday, August 17, 2009

OT: Passwords passwords everywhere...

For a while I used the same password everywhere except for access to financial records but even that got too difficult to co-ordinate when I accessed sites that made you change your password on a regular basis. Now I need to keep my passwords in a file and as of two minutes ago I have 63 current passwords stored in that file. This is getting ridiculous!

So how many passwords do you have and how do you keep track of them?

BTW: I'm not going to tell you what my password file is called or where it's located or what piece of obsolete software I need to use to read that file but I will tell you that it doesn't have a .doc extension and it doesn't show up in 'Recent Documents'.


Dragon Cotterill said...

Personally I have 26 passwords comprised of random letters (or numbers). But each word starts with one letter of the alphabet.
For example, my Gmail password starts with the letter 'g', my Amazon pw starts with 'a' etc.
And they're all in my head. No need for writing them down.

Urs Meli said...

After a crash I'm collecting my passwords in a little utility: Keepass
After 2 weeks I've collected about 20 passwords....