Sunday, August 23, 2009

If its good enough for Sherlock Holmes...

"Still learning at the same old university" was the response given by Sherlock Holmes when Inspector Lestrade asked him why he was investigating a minor crime, and I think the same credo holds true for all of us who spent the time to promote, demote and otherwise comment on the ideas found at the recently concluded Lotus IdeaJam.

In the end I only added one idea (since my other ideas had been already added by other people) but I had a great time promoting and demoting other peoples ideas. The best part was that along the way I got a close look at what other consultants/customers/Loti were thinking. I did waste some time reading misplaced feature requests (wrong Jam guys... this one was for strategy) but even those posts helped me become more aware of what is happening in the Yellowverse.

Of course there were the inevitable wankers (can I say that here? I guess I'll find out) who only wanted to tell the world about their own Notes application and why it should be bundled with every Domino server licence sold by Lotus, but even after automatically demoting each of those posts I still found myself incredibly... well... better educated I guess.

Thanks Lotus, for asking our opinion and a warm fuzzy hug to everyone who voted.

PS: I think Eric Mack's GTD is getting close to being a candidate for auto-bundling with Notes/Domino licences but not until he fixes the problems with Domino Web Access.

PPS: A Knighthood for Ed Brill... sheesh... what'll they think of next?


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