Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The hidden cost of Cloud Computing

There are real advantages in Cloud Computing but this is not one of them:
TBST claimed its normal monthly communications bill was about $320 but it was billed for almost $3000 during a period when the network was needlessly backing up several gigabytes of data daily to synchronise the iDisk data using Apple's MobileMe. This is a subscription service for so-called "cloud computing" where users pay to store data on what is referred to in PowerPoint-speak as the "internet cloud".
If you're going to advise your customers to put their data into the cloud then I suggest you help them calculate the new bandwidth costs before they do the migration. If you don't, then you might find out that their budget allocation for software consulting for the next few quarters gets diverted to paying the phone bill.

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Christian Tillmanns said...

Fortunately most of us live in countries where download limits are things of the dark age. The last time I had this was with ISDN at home ... that was ... oh my god I am old.