Thursday, November 26, 2009

Loti of Australia v. The Rest of the World ...

... and unfortunately the Australian Loti lost. The event was the first annual Lotus Cricket Challenge held at the Bradman Oval in Bowral and the teams were reinforced by selected Lotus Business Partners and customers all set for a day of fine sport with perhaps a half glass of Chardonnay over lunch.

There could not have been a finer locale or conditions for the day. Bowral oval was the home oval for Sir Donald Bradman, the all-time champion batsman whose sporting records are STILL unbeaten some 60 years after he retired from the game. The Don's career average of 99.94 is fifty percent higher than the next highest scorer (R.G. Pollock on 60.97) with the rest of the world's past and present batsmen all trailing off into lower figures.

For yesterday's match the scores didn't matter. Australia lost on the day but we all had a wonderful day with only the gentlest of sledging ( e.g. "Your Mother uses Outlook!") to ruffle the batsmen's concentration

There were some minor injuries with the RoTW Captain (Tim Royle) flicking a ball off his bat and onto his chin, but he merely retired hurt to wash off the blood and see a doctor then returned to bowl out the Australian tail in the afternoon. Well played sir!

A good day had by all. My thanks go to Lotus for organising the day and inviting me along.

EDIT: Two days later and I'm still sore. I might need a few days of training before next year's match.

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