Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Converting existing Notes licences to Foundations

I've spoken with two organisations who want to switch over to Foundations (one already has) and they both asked the same bleeding obvious question:

Can I get an upgrade from my existing Domino server and client licences?

The answer is no. Lotus Foundations provides a range of IT functions and providing email + calendaring + support for other Notes applications is only one part of the picture. The Linux-based O/S with web server plus integrated firewall and automated data backup plus a range of network domain features makes a very attractive alternative for small organisations who are dreading (or perhaps already regretting) an upgrade from NT to Microsoft's Active directory.

IMHO IBM is right in positioning LFS as a whole new ball game but I still think they should give a partial credit towards an upgrade from existing Notes/Domino licences. Perhaps allow any existing licences to be credited as a payment for the following years maintenance cost.

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IdoNotes said...

Forget converting licenses, you cant move the domain over since that isn't supported. One of many wrong moves on the first release