Friday, June 27, 2008

Foundations and Monty Python's Black Knight

Do you remember the scene in Holy Grail where the Black Knight still wants to fight on after losing both arms and both legs in a swordfight with King Arthur? That vision came to me when my server refused to reboot after I had changed some hardware components. I figured that I needed to reinstall LFS so I booted from CD#1 and went to get some lunch. After I returned I noted that Foundations had booted and autodetected my internet settings so I didn't actually get around to checking the rest of the hardware until I'd finished lunch and wasted half an hour catching up with PlanetLotus. When I checked Webconfig I got a nasty surprise.

My (non-RAID) hard drive was dead.

It had ceased to be.

Bereft of life, it rested in peace.

Foundations, on the other hand, was quite happy to boot from a CD and do what it could to resume normal services. It's internet and firewall and local DNS services were all humming away and doing their job.

Losing your hard drive? For some software it's only a flesh wound.

All hard drives mentioned in this blog were fully backed up at the time of their demise. I've now invested in a new IBM X-Series just in time to claim the depreciation in the current financial year.

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