Monday, June 30, 2008

What Mike Rhodin said about Foundations

Yesterday I came across a blog by Charles Robinson detailing his experience of Lotusphere 2008. Now I haven't been to Lotusphere for almost ten years but reading Charles' comments made me start to yearn again for the 24 hour commute from Sydney to LA to Orlando followed by five days of information overload then another day-long commute back to civilization. Anyway, in the interests of respecting Charles' copyright (and moral right) over his blog I'm not going to repeat the points he makes about Foundations regarding ...
  • Will Foundations include a hosted mail component?
  • Will there be a certification for the SMB products that were announced?
  • What does IBM see as the role of partners in the new Foundations and bluehouse SAAS offerings?
  • Why did IBM buy Nitix?
... but I will recommend you go to his site and read the answers for yourself under the section on '6:15 - Blogger Press Conference'. I wouldn't presume that IBM's plans are still the same after six months have elapsed but it does make interesting reading. Mike Rhodin was answering the questions at that session and that's as close to the horse's mouth as you can get.


IdoNotes said...

If you wish to hear the entire interview in audio, I podcast it each year. See Episode 47 for Lotusphere 2008.

You could even go back to Episode 27 to hear the one for Lotusphere 2007.

Anonymous said...

i liked your podcasts when I could download them to my ipod but i cant do that anymore since you moved them to techpodcasts i have to listen to them at my pc at work and i can't do that.