Monday, June 16, 2008

Why Blog about Foundations?

I'm blogging about Lotus Foundations because there is so much to talk about regarding this product and Ed Brill / Nathan Freeman etc are bogged down with weightier matters such as the iPhone SDK. Good luck to them but Foundations deserves some airtime too and by golly that's what I'll be providing.

I've been consulting in Domino since version one (sometime last century - yes, I am that old) and over the last eighteen months I've been sniffing at Linux without diving in. I'd installed Suse 10 and had a Domino server running over the top of it but there was no real feature advantage over my existing Windows installation.

Lotus Foundations changed all that. Like the majority of the world I first read about Foundations (nee Nitix) following the announcement at Lotussphere 2008. I saw that I could have a web server with integrated firewall and data backup running a Domino server all for the one low price which seemed a perfect solution for my SMB client who was looking for a way to dump his problematic web hosting ISP.

When I contacted Nitix in the US they told me that Kevin Krempulec, the WW Sales Executive for IBM Lotus Foundations, was currently in Australia. I met Kevin over lunch the following day and I haven't looked back. It's now a month later and this week I'm helping my client install the first Lotus Foundation Server licences sold in Australia.

Over the next few weeks I'll share that war story on this blog. I'll also cover technical and political issues. I've started a technical comparison of Lotus Foundations and the upcoming Microsoft Essential Business Server and that's going to be an interesting story (would you believe that the server components of EBS have a combined recommended hardware requirement of 10gb ram and 600 gb disk space? Check out this link).

Disclosure: I am an IBM/Lotus Business partner but I have no shares in IBM or in Microsoft so any axes I grind here will be based on the technology at hand.

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