Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Foundations 1.0.0a ships!

Well that didn't take long. Here's an overview of the features in the upgrade:

  • MySQL is upgraded to version v5.0
  • Printing services can be enabled via installation of a NVS package (LFS originally didn't have a Print server function)
  • New support for separate roaming profiles for NT/XP and Vista users.

  • phpMyAdmin is longer be included in the installation package but is available for separate download and installation.
  • The original Nitix Webmail is no longer supported - use Domino Web Access instead.
  • Removal of automatic detection for mismatched PFS configuration in a IPSec tunnel.

  • The default permission for newly created files is now 770, which helps guard against accidental sharing of files.
  • The behaviour of ftp has changed.
  • The behaviour of mailing lists has changed.


Giorgetto said...

Hi Bill,
I'm Giorgetto, IBM Lotus BP from Italy, I
I read Lotus Fondations, use only pop3/Imap for client connection? is right?

Graham Dodge said...

H Giogetto,
Bill's not here. He's in Redmond, cleaning out his office :)

What do you mean when you say 'client connection'? There are three options for each protocol:

'Disable' means that LFS does not provide pop3 and imap for anyone.

'Only Trusted Hosts' means that LFS provides pop3 and imap for anyone who has logged into a computer on the INTERNAL network.

'Enable' means that LFS provides pop3 and imap for anyone who has logged into a computer on the internal network PLUS users accessing their mail via the internet.

Of course, a user running a Notes client on the internal network could always access their mail file via the standard Notes Remote Procedure Call which is used to access all Notes databases.

I'm not sure I fully understood your question. Feel free to tell me if I missed your point.

Giorgetto said...

Thanks graham,
if you say this, it's all right, but I can't find nothing about NRPC on KB, maybe for now is not complete?

Graham Dodge said...

Hi Giorgetto,

Check the 'Service Integration' section under 'User & Team Management' on page 45 of the Lotus Foundations Start Users Guide.

"...an email account is created for the user. Email is available through either POP3, IMAP, WebMail or the Domino mail protocol."