Sunday, April 5, 2009

Installing VMWare on Lotus Foundations

I've had a question about loading the Vistualization module in LFS and I decided to make it into a separate post of its own. There are three downloadable components required to run VMWare. The LFS update to version 1.1 and the Run package are both downloadable from where-ever you obtained your original LFS software but the VMWare module is only available through IBM/Lotus Business Partners.

You also need to create a free account on and request Linux licence keys. VMWare will send you an email with a validated login and once you follow the link in the email to get your licence keys you will have the licence keys to paste into the appropriate dialog box when you run the VMWare install. When all of that is done, if you select the 'Add-ons' option from the left hand menu you should see the following entry in your list under the 'Status' tab.

Status = (Tick)
Team = lf-virtualization
Add-on Container = Lotus Foundations Run 1.1
Enabled = Yes

At that point the VMWare module is installed and ready to go. Click on the 'Virtualization' tab adjacent to the 'Status' tab and then click on the button at the bottom of the page labeled 'Advanced Virtualization Settings'. This will open a new LFS interface communicating via Port 8333 and you can begin to create Virtual Machines.

The only problem I had was the ever-persistant Firefox glitch that sees any new web interface with LFS as a security exception.


Joe Nitix said...

I'm not sure your firefox bug is actually a bug. Have you setup a security certificate on your server with a trusted authority? Otherwise, firefox is designed to tell you that you're connecting to a server that can't verify its own authority.

Graham Dodge said...

Since I don't do any B2B or authenticated web user stuff (apart from DWA) I haven't set my server up with a third party certificate and I have no plans to do so. I'm a bit peeved with the LFS <--> Firefox standoff which requires me to get a Verisign (or other brand) certificate just to communicate effectively with my own server. To my mind that's a LFS problem and should be solved by LFS rather than a third party.

PS I'm not sure its a bug either - that's why I called it a glitch.

Gareth said...

Take a look at They do free certificates. I use them on my servers.

The only downside is that the browsers do not have the root certificates installed by default: you have to install it from


Graham Dodge said...

Thanks Gareth, I'll have a look at that.