Sunday, April 5, 2009

OT: Just when you think you're getting your Ducks in a Row...

... life comes along and messes them up again. Last Thursday night started normally enough with getting number one son to bed and then playing an hour of whodunnit murder mystery on the computer with my lovely wife. We still don't know whodunnit but we're getting closer.

Belinda went to bed about ten but got up half an hour later with severe abdominal pains and [lots of needless details omitted]. Neither of us have family in the immediate neighborhood so we drafted a nearby friend to watch over our sleeping son while I broke a number of speed limits getting Belinda to the nearest hospital. Four days and an emergency operation later we have hopes of Belinda getting out of hospital tomorrow and then we can pick up our lives where we left off late last week.

The only benefit I can see out of all of this was it bought home to me quite sharply where my priorities lie. Lotus software has been my career since 1987 but it will never be the most important thing in my life. Yeah, that guy standing outside the San Hospital Emergency ward crying his eyes out was me. Thanks to Nurse Annie Howard in San Emergency who watched over Belinda like a hovering angel.

I've got a meeting with IBM tomorrow at 10am and I hope they forgive me if I'm a little distracted.


Ben Langhinrichs said...

There is nothing scarier than having one of your loved ones suddenly and inexplicably ill. With three kids, I have been through that rush to the hospital and emergency surgery, and even many years later, I can feel my heart racing as I read your story.

Please`accept my prayers and best wishes and hopes that Belinda is well and back to normal quickly. You are absolutely right about your priorities, and it is good to have a reminder occasionally, but I hope you don't have to have a reminder like this again.

Mike said...


All the best for a speedy recovery

Never forget the order of things

1 - Family
2 - Family
3 - 5amily
4 - Friends
5 - Work


Graham Dodge said...

Thanks. Belinda came home today and we are slowly getting back to normal... whatever that is.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy Every Sandwich, and Don't Spare the Hugs.