Wednesday, April 22, 2009

OT: Which part of "NO" don't you understand?

Having a Microsoft Hotmail account has a number of drawbacks. For a start, you can't set it up to automatically forward your emails to another email account. I'd guess MS organize it that way so that you can't just do an auto-forward and then let the account just wither away from disuse - which is exactly what I'd like to do with it.

Perhaps the biggest problem is that it has the Microsoft Marketing Team behind it. Have a look at their latest email...


Dear Windows Live User,

We are contacting you regarding your communication preference settings for Windows Live and MSN.

Currently, your settings do not allow Microsoft to send you promotional information or survey invitations about Windows Live and MSN. We would like to communicate important product updates to you, so if you would like to change your settings, please visit your account profile here [link]to change your preferences.

The Windows Live Team


Now how can I set my preferences so MS aren't allowed to ask me to change my preferences?


Dag said...

Hi Graham, I found no other way of posting a Q than responding to one of Your blog-posts.

It's about Lotus Foundations.
We have several customers running Exchange 2003 and MS Office.

How do You migrate their Mail/Cal/Contacts to a LFS Server ?

I Would use the Domino Admin-client and just import the users from the Exchange-server, but according to the LFS WiKi:

"If users or groups are defined in a Domino Administrative interface that do not exist as users or teams in the Lotus Foundations Start, those users or groups will be removed."

Any solution ?

Graham Dodge said...

Hi Dag,

Migration of mail etc should be a straight Exchange => Domino migration. The fact that its on a Lotus Foundations Server is irrelevant.

The LFSWiki is referring to users and groups *within* your organization. If you have created a new LFS user to map against every old Exchange user then it should be a simple migration.

Tell me if I've missed your point.

Graham Dodge said...

DAg, you can always email me:

gdodge at

Dag said...

I guess I want to use the built-in Exchange-migration tools in the Domino Administrator.
When I think of it, it can create new Samba-users as well during the migration from Exchange to Domino.

I don't want to pre-populate Samba with users, want to have the Migration tool do the whole job.

I guess I'll just do a lab :-)