Friday, April 24, 2009

OT: Microsoft's Windows revenue slips 16% in Q1

There's been Doom and Gloom talk about how Lotus revenue slipped 12% (IIRC) in Q1, but IBM is not the only company suffering at the moment. Microsoft is also hurting:

Sales [for Microsoft] in the last quarter slipped 6% to $13.6 billion, falling short of analysts' expectations for $14.1 billion in sales.

Microsoft makes most of its profit selling the Windows operating system and business software such as Office. Those divisions were hurt when PC shipments fell for the second straight quarter as consumers and businesses sharply cut back on technology spending.

The Windows division's revenue sank 16% to $3.4 billion, while the division that makes Office saw sales drop 5% to $4.5 billion.


What will be interesting is seeing whose sales recover most strongly over the rest of the year.

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Carl Tyler said...

There is bound to be a comparison by people between IBM and Microsoft. The comparison that interests me most is Notes/Domino to Sharepoint. As sharepoint that most companies are seeing as the potential tool to replace Notes/Domino.

Sadly Sharepoint revenue grew by >20% dueing a tough economy, while Notes/Domino declined.