Saturday, December 12, 2009

Backup software for Domino R8.5 servers

Yesterday I started working with a customer is having all sorts of troubles getting his integrated backup s/w to work with newly upgraded (R8.02 to R8.5) virtualized Domino servers. Now I'm not going to mention the backup s/w name at this point since negotiations are still underway with the vendor about what his documentation meant when he said it " ... supports Domino R8.x ", but I am interested in what experience other people have with backing up R8.5 Domino servers.

What software do you recommend and what do you curse?


René Winkelmeyer said...

We are using Veritas Backup Exec since R 6.x - and it works like a charm.

Darren Duke said...

Ditto, internally we use BackupExec.

Jim Casale said...

TSM/TDP at the last 3 places I worked. Not GUI friendly but works like a charm and hands off once it's set up.

Charles Robinson said...

On an AS/400 I wrote my own script that would stop Domino, back it up, then start it. It worked flawlessly but obviously the server had to go down. I had nothing but problems with BackupExec way back when we were running R5. It would back up everything just fine, I just couldn't recover anything. I switched over to Tivoli Storage Manager and it worked perfectly.

Lonzo said...

We are using EMC Legato Networker with Domino 8.5.1.
In the near future, we will use TSM (for political reasons). Legato still does a good job. It's not a a solution on it's own: You need a EMC legato backup server to integrate the Domino backup solution as a module with the central backup system.

IdoNotes said...

We are using Commonstore, ok I am so kidding. We use Galaxy ComVault as the enterprise backup including Domino agents

dkvello said...

You said You've virtualized Tour environment, so.
Go for "Veeam Backup & Replication 4.x"

It's the best thing to use in a virtual environment (VMware at least).

Since Domino doesn't support VSS (very sadly) I've created a few quick pre-freeze, post-thaw scripts that stop/start the Domino-services for a minute.

It will do mail/document-level restore (I can tell You how) on all Domino database/applications as well as full DB/App restore.

As many generations as you like.

And, You'll experience backup-speeds You've never dreamed of..

guttedgeek said...

Backup Exec 12.5 + Domino agents. Works well once we got revision 2213 on there (before that, the BE services would crash a couple of times a week).

Gavin Bollard said...

I've been using ArcServe for years. The only time I've ever had trouble was when I used the domino agent (which backed everything up as one big chunky file).

Throw away the Domino agent and it works like a charm.