Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Microsoft eliminates Blue Screen of Death!

Prevx reported today that the dreaded Blue Screen of Death has finally been eliminated from Windows. For Windows 7 (and future releases) the "Blue" screen has been upgraded to a "Black" screen of Death. A spokesman for Microsoft said:

"Customers have been complaining for years about the Blue Screen of Death so we finally acted to remove the problem while still retaining backward compatibility with the BSOD acronym. Note that this new feature will not decrease the frequency of the problem but it will bring comfort to millions of users who can see that we are in control of the situation."

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Microsoft has already made this feature available as a free upgrade for Vista and XP and slipstreamed it into an automatic update that ran in the last week of October.


Eric Davidson said...

on a positive note, if I had a choice I would prefer a black screen of death over blue

Enzo Stanzione said...

The problem does not change, they make an operating system that never stops!

Anonymous said...

This ruins the joke: What do Microsoft Windows and karaoke have in common?

Gavin Bollard said...

Is it just me or is MS going backwards. Black is more "DOS 3.x" than blue which is more of a DOS 4.x colour.

I'm sure that at one time those friendly little messages were windows based.

I seem to remember remarking to a colleage when he fell over, that he'd had a "General Protection Fault in Module: Shoe.dll".

I'm sure those were GUI messages.

What's next for MS, binary messages?