Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Running BES and Traveler on the same R8.5 Server

Is it possible to install Traveler on a Domino R8.50 server that is already running BES 5.0?

The server runs on Windows Server 2008.
At first glance I don't see a problem, but has anyone done this before?
Are there any gotchas I need to know about?


Lotus Evangelist said...

just the httpdisablejava=1 needs to be remarked out else traveler doesn't load. if that still is there left over from the late 4.x series.
I blogged about it a few times.
Hasn't come up yet for 5.0 so I have no idea.

www said...

We are running BES 501 and Traveler on same 851 server. No prob. As LE said, take out httpdisablejava