Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hi... My name is Graham and I'm an Information Slob

Last year I started using Eric Mack's eProductivity but backtracked when I found that it did funny things to the web access on my mail file. Recently I've had good reason to start testing it again (and you can read whatever you like into that statement) and after using it for a month I've realized that I'm an information slob. My hard drive is like a Black Hole storing every email / download / half-baked project I ever created, but Heavens knows where.

Installing eProductivity is a giant wake-up call to get my act together. In the last month I've:
  • trimmed my Inbox down to c.40 emails (and I'm still pondering those)
  • got into the habit of filing OUTgoing mails.
  • realized what my top three projects are and started refiling old documents to support those initiatives.
  • started hunting around for a paper copy of David Allen's book: "Getting Things Done"
  • signed up for the eProductivity Weekly Tips Newsletter
  • considered signing up for the free eProductivity Webinars held every Friday at 10:00am – 11:00am PST (aaaaargh!!! that's 5:00am Sydney time!).
Even Old Dogs can learn New Tricks.

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Ryan Heathers said...

Graham, great to hear!