Tuesday, January 12, 2010

RINSE AND REPEAT: more free training for Sydney Domino customers.

With just over a month to go before the second free Domino R8.5 Proof of Technology seminar in Sydney, the confirmed bookings are well into double digits. Rather than asking people to double up on the 24 PCs installed in the seminar room we've decided to hold a third seminar and we're currently taking bookings for both seminars.

Seminar 2: Tuesday 16th and Wednesday 17th February 2010
Seminar 3: Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th April 2010
Location for both seminars: IBM Building, St. Leonards

During the seminar there are separate half-day sessions for:
  • C-level execs and IT Managers
  • System Administrators
  • Application Developers
  • Application Developers and webmasters

Day 1 AM Executive Briefing - 3hr 15m
  • 015min - Welcome and introductions
  • 060min - What is the Return on Investment of Upgrading Domino to R8.5?
  • 060min - Group Discussion: The Roadblocks to upgrading Domino to R8.5
  • 060min - Lotus Traveler and UC2.

Day 1 PM R8.5 System Administration - 3hr 30m
  • 045min - Short overview of the benefits of R8.5 for the System Administrator
  • 075min - Hands-on tutorial for DAOS
  • 090min - Hands-on tutorial for ID vault.

Day 2 AM R8.5 Application Development - 3hr 15m
  • 015min - Recap of previous day
  • 060min - Tools for tuning your Domino server (DDM and DCT)
  • 090min - Overview of the R8.5 Design environment
  • 030min - Hands-on tutorial for Composite Applications.

Day 2 PM X-Pages - 3hr 30m
  • 210min - The most popular segment of the last seminar - now one hour longer to allow more hands-on instruction.

If you're an IBM/Lotus customer interested in attending either of these events then contact me (my details are on the left sidebar) and we'll reserve a seat for you. We have a limit of two attendees per organisation but we accept hotseating i.e. two people come for Day One and two different attendees from the same company attend for Day Two.

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