Friday, January 8, 2010

Thanks IBM - we complained and you listened!

Late last decade (that's about a week ago) I blogged about the woeful state of the 'You Pass - We Pay' section of IBM's web site and logged a call with Partnerworld to tell them of the problem.

Within 24 hours I had a response from the YPWP people advising me of the current procedures for logging my YPWP claim by email and, very shortly after that, an email from IBM's Scott Seipold advising me they were looking at the problem. A week later the problem is fixed and the IBM web site has an updated PDF with corrected contact details.

Well done IBM - that's a great response.

My only problem is that since I've already passed my R8.5 System Administration and Application Development recertification exams I won't get to use that updated facility until the Notes R9 exams are available sometime in 201?.

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IBM Laptop Motherboards said...

IBM and Apple have been the only companies that I have encountered with polite customer service, and a swift response. When troubleshooting with both IBM and Apple, the customer service agents were helpful. I think I am not alone, when I say that Dell is the company with the worst customer service. I don't think that anything I have utilized them for has ended quickly or successfully.