Monday, July 14, 2008

Foundations enlists new resellers in Australia

In the three hours since I posted my last blog entry I have received:
  • two separate emails from Lotus Australia promising that the problem would be fixed.
  • a phone call from Toni Roberts at ITX apologizing for the restrictions on their qualifications to resell Lotus software and an invitation to place my order with them.
  • a phone call from the National Licencing manager of an Australian Premium Business Partner offering a teaming arrangement to get the software licences.
Full marks to IBM/Lotus for acknowledging the issue and working to get it resolved. I was especially impressed by Toni Roberts who went to the trouble of getting an ITX account set up for me before she rang. If you're an IBM/Lotus Business Partner in Australia looking at selling Lotus software licences then give Toni a call:

Toni Roberts
IBM Licensing Specialist

itX Group Limited
d: 02 8875 0580
m: 0447 678 355
t: 02 8875 0500
f: 02 8875 0599

uh... oh... there goes my phone again...

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