Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sex still sells... even for Lotus Foundations

There is a great temptation to blog about items that have the 'video of a snake eating a live chicken' type of hypnotic quality and which made you reread the original article three times even though they have nothing to do with the theme of your blog. If you can't find an item like that for your blog you can probably achieve the same effect by placing the word 'Sex' prominently in the title of your post.

Having reached the grand total of 30+ posts I decided to look back and see what themes prompted a click-through to my blog from the Gentle Readers of PlanetLotus.
  1. Top of the pops was news of an Exchange2Notes migration - no surprises there. (156 click-throughs)
  2. Bad news stories about possible IBM screwups or people dumping Nitix led the rest of the pack. (105 to 118)
  3. UPDATE: This post that you are now reading came here. (95)
  4. Articles with a technical or marketing theme made up the bulk of the entries. (65 to 89)
  5. 'Who's who' or Australian-specific or Microsoft SBS/EBS posts bought up the rear. (6 to 58)

156 ....Notes2Exchange migration is not a one way street
118 ....A company that dumped Nitix for Windows
111 ....Vista SP1: Microsoft says 'Wow!' - I say 'Why?' (Microsoft)
108 ....What Mike Rhodin said about Foundations
105 ....Foundations: Where IBM went wrong... (TechnicalDocumentation)
89 ....Four companies who moved to Nitix (MarketingFeatures)
80 ....How not to set up Foundations - #01 in a series
78 ....Yes, but what does Foundations actually do?
77 ....Notes 8.01 session survives Red Box of Death
65 ....IBM introduces per-server pricing for Foundations
58 ....Foundations: The Agony and the Ecstacy
54 ....Costing Foundations against MS Essential Business Server
53 ....Microsoft's spin on increasing prices for SBS 2008
48 ....Bundling your own software with Foundations (Marketing)
48 ....Who's who with Lotus Foundations - Bilal Jaffery
47 ....Foundations and Monty Python's Black Knight
43 ....Foundations: It's easier than you think
34 ....Who's who with Lotus Foundations - The Australian Cast (Marketing)
33 ....Nitix on Wikipedia (Marketing)
32 ....Cost of hardware for Foundations & SBS & EBS (Technical)
31 ....Is the SMB server market shrinking? (MarketingFeaturesMicrosof)
31 ....Who's who with Lotus Foundations - Kevin Krempulec
30 ....Coming soon: The Lotus Foundations Wiki
25 ....Technical training for Lotus Foundations? (TechnicalDocumentation)
24 ....Selling to the Small End of the SMB market
23 ....Foundations enlists new resellers in Australia
23 ....Foundations: Not for Sale in Australia? (LicencingSoapBoxMode)
22 ....Microsoft EBS to launch in November (MarketingMicrosoft)
6 ....Foundations 1.0.0a ships! (Features)
6 ....Converting existing Notes licences to Foundations (Licencing)
6 ....Why Blog about Foundations? (Raison d'Etre)

So it seems PlanetLotus readers are attracted to the human interest side of technology rather than the nuts and bolts of marketing or what Microsoft are doing with SBS/EBS. Thanks for that feedback - I'll bear it in mind when looking at future blog topics.

PS. This post has nothing to do with sex or with a video of a snake eating a live chicken but I'm guessing it will still have a high click-through count. I apologize for misleading you into taking part in my little social experiment. Please collect your free gift at the door on the way out.


JP Liggett said...

FWIW, your blog content overall is interesting. I'd prefer to see tech stuff over human interest stories.

foundations is super fresh, and has a compeling story. When you get a chance to discuss some of the core setup/functionality/tips, I'm sure it would be well received.

Graham Dodge said...

I've actually been holding off on the 'how-to' technical articles until Lotus released the revised documentation so I can provide page number references for particular topics. Hopefully I can't use that excuse for much longer :)