Friday, July 11, 2008

Foundations: The Agony and the Ecstacy

Just had a call from a courier company confirming today's delivery of our new X-Series server to replace the box that died two weeks ago. Since that time we've been running LFS from a CD to provide internet and firewall services but it'd be really nice to get our centralized file and print services back.

Now for the Agony... tomorrow is third birthday party for number one son and there is much preparation work still to be done. If I even glance at that new server anytime in the next 36 hours my lovely wife will hang my proverbials from the highest yardarm.

The Ecstacy is that on Sunday morning Belinda and Adam and favorite firetruck are disappearing to Canberra (four hour drive) for a three-day stopover with her sister leaving me to play with my new toy.

There's been a couple of blog postings already about the install process so I probably won't bother documenting my own 30 minute CD-shuffle-and-reboot experience. If you follow PlanetLotus you would have seen Gareth Howell's post and the somewhat reclusive jwylie did it in VMWare but the principles remain the same. (Check out 1, 2 and 3).

Note to the documentation people at Lotus: If these guys can manage to give us screen captures in their installation instructions for Foundations then I'm sure you could do likewise.


jwylie said...

Not reclusive - just busy :)



Anonymous said...

Looks like someone listened: