Monday, July 21, 2008

How mature is Lotus Foundation Server?

If anyone suggests to you that LFS is not a mature product then show them the release history for Nitix:

Major Versions
1.0 - September 1997
2.0 - January 1999
3.5 - August 2000
4.0 - December 2004
4.1 - February 2005
4.2 - May 2005
4.3 - December 2005
4.3.1 - February 2006
4.3.2 - September 2006
4.4.0a - March 2007

This was followed by its purchase by IBM and subsequent release this year as Lotus Foundations Server. That's over ten years of research and development. For the record, Microsoft's first release of their 'Small Business Server' product was in October 1997 - a month after Nitix hit the streets.

Next question?


Jozsi said...

Yet it still doesn't work... We just migrated from a Nitix to Foundations and DAMO does not work, email solutions don't work... Maybe it's just a bad system but IBM has not been able to fix it now for 2 months.

Graham Dodge said...

following your link shows me that you're in Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

There's not much I can do from this side of the planet (Sydney, Australia). Have you discussed these issues with a local Lotus Business Partner?