Monday, July 7, 2008

Who's who with Lotus Foundations - The Australian Cast

Last week we met Matt Martinkus from Western Materials.

Today I would like to introduce two other Matts, both IBM employees.

Matthew Webb is a Senior IT Specialist looking after the Lotus Foundations brand in Australia. He is available as a resource for IBM Business Partners who have technical questions about Foundations. You can contact him via email on or on +61 3 9626-6393.

Matt Tredinnick is the ANZ Marketing Manager for Lotus Software Workplace, Portal and Collaboration. You can contact Matt via email on or on +61 2 9463-5074. Matt works with Nicholas Day, the Business Development Executive tasked by IBM with the job of getting Foundations-powered servers into the hundreds of thousands of small and medium businesses across Australia. Nick is the man for IBM Business Partners to call (email on or +61 2 9463-5702) to help refine their own marketing plans for Lotus Foundations.

All three were present at today's information session about Lotus Foundations run by local software distributor iTX at IBM in Sydney. The session took the attendees through the famous 30 minute install (yes... it is achievable) and fielded questions about the marketing strategy for Foundations in Australia. For obvious reasons (Hello Microsoft lurkers...) I'm not going to detail the contents of those discussions.

If you are a software reseller in Australia or New Zealand and are working with Microsoft Small Business Server then give Nick Day or Matt Tredinnick a call and see what Lotus is doing in the SMB market space. You'll find you now have a new option to offer your customers and that can't be a bad thing.

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