Monday, July 28, 2008

Foundations Technology: Proxy Server

Lotus Foundation Server comes with a self-configuring Firewall that keeps unwanted visitors out of your network. This is A Good Thing.

If you do want to let some of The Great Unwashed past the Firewall (perhaps to look at a few public web pages or to place an order) then you can do that with the integrated LFS 'Fast Forward' module. FastForward allows you to create up to four sites on your server with each site mapped to a separate IP address. Those IP addresses can then be mapped to your Domain Names so you could run four separate web sites.

Let's imagine that you own the IP block from to and are looking to use them to permit Public access to four different web pages (each with its own layout and color scheme) on your server. maps to maps to maps to maps to

This can be really handy if your customer wants to get three quotes before he makes a decision :)


Bob Baehr said...


Greetings from the USA (Pittsburgh, PA to be exact). Interesting blog - will definintely frequent this one.

As a Foundations reseller (and, long-time Nitix Blue fanatic), I see many benefits of the Lotus Foundations platform for SMB. From a business standpoint, it is an exceptional product for the SMB.

BaehrWare has already taken the leap forward on the Foundations Platform, including specialized applications for the SMB marketplace (our focus is to provide business applications at SMB pricing).

Information can be found here for your review:

Foundations Products From BaehrWare

Bob Baehr
The Unofficial Poster Child For Lotus Notes, Domino, and Lotus Foundations

Graham Dodge said...

Great stuff Bob!

Your approach is exactly what I meant a couple of posts ago when I was talking about developing Foundations-specific applications rather than just repackaging existing Domino applications. I see a lot of potential in your Rebar tool...
"Using Rebar, you can easily manage
the replication of data between multiple Lotus Foundations servers, and, can manage cross-certification with other Lotus Foundations or Lotus Domino server environments."

GENERAL NOTE: I haven't downloaded any of Bob's applications so I'm not in the position to make a technical recommendation for or against his products.