Monday, September 22, 2008

Foundations at Lotussphere 2009?

I haven't been to Lotussphere for about ten years and I probably won't be going in 2009 either. It's not that I'm not interested but the cost and the distance and turning 50 (this Friday) and having a three year old son means that my priorities are different now.

However I am interested in collecting the technical overflow that always follows Lotussphere. So Kevin, Bilal et. al. what are the chances that we'll see some Foundations-centric sessions in Orlando next January? C'mon guys... you can trust me. I won't tell too many people.


Bilal Jaffery said...

Ofcourse, we will be there! hopefully a big hit again! More details will be on my blog as they become public.

IdoNotes said...

It would be nice to do one but there isnt much to talk about unfortunately with the lack of integration to existing customers. Who are the main focus of being there