Monday, September 15, 2008

When do we see Foundations and SBS go Head-to-Head?

In my last Poll I included an option to vote for ‘Technical Bake-Offs’ as a technique for marketing Lotus Foundation Server. That suggestion polled poorly but in that doesn’t mean that it was a bad idea – merely that the other options were better (or at least more popular) ideas. Some head-to-head comparisons of Nitix and SBS from past years past are available.

PCMag compared SBS and Nitix in 2004.

A more in-depth review from 2004 with some TCO numbers is available here.

In 2006 CRN put Nitix into equal first place with Microsoft’s Small Business Server 2003 R2 over Xandros and Novell. Note that this was before Nitix integrated Lotus Notes/Domino and Lotus Symphony into its product stack so I would expect Lotus Foundations Server to easily win any rematch which used the same testing regime.

Finally, if you’ve got USD$195 to spare you can invest in the ‘Small Enterprise Workgroup Server Software: Product Comparison Report’ from Infoedge.

I’d love to see a more up-to-date comparison, specifically one that maps Lotus Foundations Server directly against SBS but maybe the PC magazines are all waiting for SBS 2008 to hit the streets before they start the next round of comparison tests.

Hey IBM, how about giving those IT reviewers a prod with a pointy stick?


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