Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Official Voice of Foundations?

I personally find it a marathon task to identify which of the hundreds of Lotus Forums/Wikis/websites scattered across the internet are hot and which ones are dead. Planet Lotus helps enormously but there is still a lot of work to find the golden needles in that haystack.

Since the official Lotus Foundations wiki is starting up right at the beginning of the Foundations roller-coaster ride it has the potential to become the premier source of information about Lotus Foundations server - apart from my blog of course :).

I think the Foundations wiki is a Good Thing and I'm going to be plugging it quite frequently. Head over there now to check out "How to install a Lotus Foundations Test Environment using VMWare".

Of course it would be good to have a regularly-blogging Foundations-focussed Ed Brill clone as 'The Official Voice of Foundations', but until that happens I'll just keep checking out the Wiki.

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Ed Brill said...

I think Bilal Jaffray is going to start blogging regularly.