Friday, September 26, 2008

OT: Turning 50 today

Well I guess this post answers the question about how far off-topic this blog is willing to go :)

It's been a loooong journey since September 26th 1958. For my fiftieth birthday my darling wife said I could have anything I want (steady troops... we're not going THAT far off topic) so I spent some time thinking over my past desires and finally realized what I always wanted but would never have bought for myself.

I'm working today at my favorite client - Belinda had to work anyway so no point in having a day off by myself - but tonight Belinda, Adam and I paint the town red with some ribs and beer at a pokey little no-name pizza place and then tomorrow I get to play Air Wolf. The tough bit will be explaining to 3-year-old Number One Son why he can't have a turn at the controls.

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svenm said...

Happy Birthday Graham!
Have a super day and a great weekend. And have fun with the new toy ;-)