Thursday, September 25, 2008

Moving to Linux this weekend...

For the last twelve months I've been getting my feet wet with Linux. I've installed SUSE on a spare server at home and read a few manuals and, of course, installed Lotus Foundations more than once. I've also enrolled in a one-week intensive Novell Linux boot camp in October paid for by IBM (for which I wouldn't be eligible if I wasn't an IBM Business Partner - Vaughan, you really need to wake up and smell the Big Blue Roses. There's more to the IBM relationship than just making margin on software sales.)

Anyway, I'm about done with standing in knee-deep water. Time to dive in head first and upgrade my main work PC. From what I read, Ubuntu is the friendliest desktop but since I'm running SUSE-based Foundations server and about to do a SUSE boot camp I'm thinking I should stay with Novell. So for those who have gone the SUSE route, can you give me any pointers / web-sites / tales of woe / total time estimates / Gnome v. KDE etc?

PS. And can anyone tell me the best way to run Windows games on Linux?


RHaran said...

Hello Graham,

Can you pl. provide the info for getting enrolled for novell bootcamp? we are also IBM partner in US.


Graham Dodge said...

Hi Rajesh,

This course is being run in Sydney Australia. Unless you have plenty of spare Frequent Flyer points you'll need to check with IBM in the US to see what courses they are running.