Thursday, September 4, 2008

IdeaJam for Foundations

Here's a way to tell IBM what you think. Go over to Elguji's Ideajam for Foundations and add your two cents worth.

Whaddyamean you've never used Ideajam??? Sheesh... what are they teaching kids in college these days?


Roland Reddekop said...

Hi Graham.
Our org has told our business partner that we're interesting in implementing foundatons once it includes Domino/Notes 8.0.2 due to the tremendous improvements in that release (October?). In the meantime we're trying to get a trial CD from them. All they've shipped to us so far is a CD for Nitix 5.2 which is a pre-version of Foundations. They are not sure if the Foundations 1.x actually works as a 30 day trial as the Nitix product did without entering an activation code. Do you know?

Roland Reddekop said...

Never mind, found the answer in the Knowledge base