Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Foundations Applications: <your name here>

I'm not going to sign up for the Lotus Foundations ISV Developer Toolkit program. I did think about it and even went so far as to log in at IBM and check out the signup form.

Two thoughts stopped me. First, the intrepid Daniele Vistalli is already in that program and will doubtless continue to blog about his adventures so there is no need for me to be there from a Foundations reporting perspective. The second thought was that creating shrink-wrapped commercial products doesn't really push my button. There's plenty of career paths in the Yellowverse and I don't need to follow them all.

However what I can do is review software products that come out of the other end of the LFS toolkit process. If you have developed a product using the Lotus Foundations ISV Developer Toolkit then I'm happy to review it for you and give it a plug on this blog like I did yesterday with Baehrware's BusinessPro.

P.S. I know Ed Brill has beaten me to blogging about the new flash-based IBM Marketing Video about Foundations (Curse You Red Baron!) but I figured I should include a link to it on my blog anyway. Check it out in the 'Foundations Links' section on the left of this screen.


Virusface said...

Hello Graham, yes maybe I'm in the beta program (as I'll try to be in the upcoming betas) but the more we are .. the better it is.

Anyway at this time the NDA leaves little space for public discussion.

As soon as we get to a gold / open beta release things will change.

In the meantime I filed another request to the development team for having Domino AND Apache available on standard http/ports.

You can find it here:

Graham Dodge said...

Hi virusface,

Your slideshow makes some good points about Foundations use of Ports and forcing of HTTPS.

Just to clarify my position, I'm not looking to blog on the actual LFS toolkit program so there's no problem with your NDA. I am interested in blogging about applications which have been customized with the LFS toolkit to work better with Foundations server.

BTW: With a name like 'virusface' you may find it difficult to persuade people to download your software.

Daniele Vistalli said...

Eh eh :)

Fortunately I don't sell software ;) So no problem with downloads.

Anyway I contacted my "marketing team" that readily changed my Blogger profile to be more "customer friendly" :)

I hope to see a huge number of foundations packages flooding after the release of the kit.

I also see some openNTF / Opensource products that could be re-packaged for foundations.