Thursday, August 14, 2008

Interesting result when googling Foundations

This morning I googled for 'Lotus Foundations' on pages from Australia and found the following result:

Our international colleagues may not have heard of EOS Solutions or ISW. They are two of our local Lotus Business Partners and given the comparatively small size of the Australian market we all find ourselves in friendly competition now and again.

It's amazing how the Foundations product pages on these two sites are now heading the local Google page rankings for Lotus Foundations despite the fact that Foundations has not yet been officially launched in Australia. I'm shocked to realize that despite my daily preoccupation with researching and blogging about Lotus Foundations Server I have missed every reference to these two organisations in the local IT news. I must be looking in the wrong places since their high page rank shows they are doing a far better job of marketing Foundations than anyone else including IBM!

Surely that must be the reason ;)

Tim, you may need to have a $erious talk with your PR agency to see how EOS beat you to the top spot.

It's interesting that Google searches for 'Lotus Domino', 'Lotus SameTime' or 'Lotus Quickr' don't produce the same results, but given the apparently overwhelming market presence of these two consulting powerhouses I'm sure that's only a matter of time.

Go to it guys!

Heh... heh... heh...


Adam said...

G'Day Graham,

It sure is amazing how google works sometime. As I drive most of our web marketing I am fairly proud of how well the ISW site ranks in google for various keywords that we target.

ISW and EOS were actually both signed up for the Foundations Beta program earlier this year when Kevin and his team visited. I am yet to catch up with the EOS team to find out how they are tracking (I will no doubt see them and maybe yourself in the yarra valley next week) but we are starting to gather quite a lot of interest from our SMB client base as I am sure you agree it is a great solution. The more marketing from all the better at this stage, at the end of the day when there is a new market it is about growing the market rather than growing market share. We will have to touch base soon to discuss how we can all grow the market together.

I suggest the reason for our and EOS's high rankings in Australia is probably more to do with a lack of good content on Foundations in Australia than something clever that we have done;)

I am sure if your blog was hosted in Australia it would probably pip us all!

Adam Brown (

Graham Dodge said...

Hi Adam,
Yes, I'll be at the Lotus conference next week... maybe we can organize a 'Birds of a Feather' chat for all the business partners interested in working with Lotus Foundations. Nick Day can bring the red wine.

The potential for Foundations is enormous and I agree that none of us are worried about individual market share at this point.

However it was a funny result from Google and IMHO worthy of a tweak of the ISW/EOS noses. Gotta have some fun now and again.

tweak... tweak...

Anonymous said...

Hi Graham,

Adam is right... Not much happening on the Australian Web at the moment, pre-launch.

You're probably the greatest voice on the topic.

I'm keen to see what IBM come up with for the appliance. (waiting in eager anticipation)

Glenn Irvine

Joe Nitix said...

A search for Lotus Foundations in the US shows up with IBM being the top three links. Google tends to localize their results, so perhaps EOS is the best suitable local result.

Graham Dodge said...

Be careful Joe, your company badge is showing :)