Thursday, August 7, 2008

Foundations Version 1.0.1#9 Released

While researching today's planned blog post about the CUPS-based Foundations Print service I stumbled across the complete feature information for Version 1.0.1#9. I must plead mea culpa on this one - I had seen the announcement letter a while ago but my eyes went into glaze-over mode when I read the header details about adding multi-language support, migration tools and Symphony. Those may be important announcements for people whose deployment plans are on hold while they are waiting for these components but it's not 'Stop-The-Presses' kind of news.

Note to Self: Always read the fine print.

Leaving the multi-language support to the side for the moment, there are some interesting changes in the upgraded Foundations code:
  • A new email queue monitoring functionality.
  • A new injection service moves email into Domino faster.
  • Printing has been added back into the Lotus Foundations platform for IPP printing. - I'd better put that Printing post on hold while I check this one out.
  • Inclusion of all required SLES security patches, as of May 31, 2008.
  • Domain members can continue to authenticate when the Domain controller is down.
  • Files accessed in the WWW directory through Samba will have 775 permissions.
  • Users only see the team/user shares that they have access to when they connect through Samba.
The one about "Domain members can continue to authenticate when the Domain controller is down." got my attention. That can occur on Windows networking with cached passwords but I've never seen it as a positive thing. I must look into this in more detail.

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