Sunday, August 31, 2008

Results of Foundations Poll #2

Last month I asked "What resource is most needed by Lotus Business Partners to sell Foundations (pick any two)". The thirtyseven respondants threw their darts into three rough groups of two. Top of the pops with over 50% each was:
  • Plenty of IBM dollars pumped into marketing LFS (21)
  • An updated LFS web site with lots of technical info (20)
The second wave was:
  • Support for product demos in retail stores and trade show (15)
  • Deep Dive hands-on technical training (13)
Bringing up the rear was:
  • A counterpart to Ed Brill for LFS (5)
  • Technical Bake-Offs between LFS and SBS/EBS (4)
I doubt we'll have much influence on IBM's marketing budget, but the newly launched Foundations Wiki should go a long way to answering the second request.

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