Friday, August 1, 2008

Foundations: What do YOU want from IBM?

The next Poll question will be, "What resource is most needed by Lotus Business Partners to sell Foundations (pick any two)":
  • Seeing plenty of IBM dollars into pumped into marketing LFS
  • Finding a counterpart to Ed Brill for LFS
  • Providing Deep Dive hands-on technical training for Partners
  • Promoting technical Bake-Offs between LFS and SBS/EBS
  • ... ?

What other choices should we put into this Poll? What do you want IBM to do?


mpoed said...

I want to see more technical information on the web page for LFS. What is currently there is most screenshots of Lotus Notes/Domino which everyone knows about.
Are there pre-built appliances for LFS? What form factor? technical specs?, sizing guidelines? Install & config instructions e.t.c?

Gavin Bollard said...

Get some knowledgeable IBM Reps (and believers) to do time in retail stores and at small business trade shows to demonstrate, the virtues of nitix (and connectivity to various PC systems). They could also raffle off a server "package" and offer installation support.

Take the product to the users instead of waiting/hoping, they'll come to you.