Thursday, November 27, 2008

Digging for VMWare images

Since VMWare will be available on Lotus Foundations Server from early 2009 it makes sense to start checking out some of the prepackaged VMWare options that are available. A good starting point is VMWare themselves. Linux installations are available at ThoughtPolice and Chrysoar and doubtless half a hundred other sites, while some sites sell VMWare images of commercial applications.

In addition to their download area, provides a comprehensive blog and news service about what's happening in the virtualisation industry. Since they had ads for both Microsoft Hyper-V and for VMWare on their web page then I guess they qualify as unbiased :)

Of course you always have the option to create a VMWare environment from your own PC using the free VMWare Converter so here's a chance to convince your significant other that all of the time you are spending playing Fallout 3 is actually work related "Sorry Honey, I'm still getting a sparodic flutter in the video drivers running in the VMWare session but I should have it nailed down after playing this game for another three hours... or maybe by tomorrow... or by February at the latest".

These sites are the tip of the iceberg. There's plenty more out there.

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