Monday, November 3, 2008

Foundations marketshare predictions

The last Poll asked what SMB marketshare Lotus Foundations Server would achieve by December 2009:

  • 4 people voted for 50% market share.
  • 2 people voted for 33% market share.
  • 3 people voted for 20% market share.
  • 9 people voted for 10% market share.
  • 30 people voted for 5% market share.

I was interested that 4 people see Foundations toppling Microsoft SBS as the King of SMB software by December 2009. I'm pleased that the IBM Marketing managers visit my site from time to time but I don’t really think that result is going to happen. My money is with the 80% of respondents who topped out at 10% of the market. The December 2010 market shares could be a whole different result but I’ll leave that poll for next year.

I agree that Foundations is the better product for SMB (for a whole bunch of reasons) but I don’t see Microsoft giving up this market without a fight. IBM can’t build the worldwide partner channel for Foundations overnight, and even after they have done that there will still be the traditional corporate inertia to overcome.


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Christian Tillmanns said...

It would be very interesting who voted and why. Could give a hint how to sell foundations.
I personaly think that it will not go over 1% market share, if IBM is doing the same marketing as usual.
Stealth marketing. Workplace was a marketing failure. It wasn't that bad. Mine worked fine, only it wasn't really feature rich. Foundations will fail like workplace, if they don't invest big time in end user marketing (my mantra, ok). At least the old Nitix staff knows more or less what they have to do, only moving that big blue around could be a bit too much for them.